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Japanese English Advertising Slogans

Paul Haeberli

Horiz Bar

These beautiful combinations of words are from advertisements in various japanese magazines like Fusion Planning, Homme, Ad Flash Monthly, EDGE (Fasionable Picture Magazine), and Romantic Oriental. In typical application, words are combined with photographic material to create a visual and textual hybrid.

Crunky kids crunch chocolate

Under the blazing sun on the beach at sunset its always you and the sound of waves that quench my thirsty body. tomorrow, I'll let myself flow beyond the waves as the sea breeze blows.

Beach boy muscat soda

Green Breeze Sound Sofa

Outdoor Lifestyle

Theme Zone

Audio Shot Bar

Imagination Studio

Fashionable Picture Magazine

Wild Idol Life

Ultra Future Wave

Man is the man

Til the midnight

Pure Sports Mind

Hard Goods

Brains Organic Form

French line

Music Is career not hobby

French. the first french man, not way of clotheing orthodoxy style imagination gives is to play active

This session, clothes of duplex are the stylish style of old it's an active, and it's functional very well, and that's the losting a dandy heart always, let us make a proposal on the significant, of the men in the old cinema of monochrome. Of liberty dupleix theme of '89 spring & summer co-ordiantion, birth to creation, tradition make a exactly form. Dupleix

My Beautiful

For Beautiful Human Life

Colorful Rainy Days

Exotic color

Go wild

Mood for the east

Sky Poem

Cute Swimmers


Dream of gold

Oriental Breeze


Grayish color

Exotic Print

Super young island

Voice of CD

Heart on Fire


For the men being


Super Brain Bank Media

Beauty method for lady

Open lady

British way of life

Feel the beat


High styling office

From france

Power of suit

The human furniture


All the hotel

This notebook is well bound with auto matic excellentic machine. makes you demonstrate your youth and pride. Get acquainted with it. and you'll start a relationship that will last a lifetime.

Silky and natural

Imposition of night club

Declaration of latin chica boon

Non-stop golden dance hour

Ocean delight

Super hit line

A happy present from the earth

Kissin' the movie

Music lagoon

Sound painting

Jive passion talk

Energy port

Don't touch cookies

Mind screen

The 847

Urban contemporary wave from mandom

Monday git you

Sparkling morning

Catching no border

Pocari sweat - ion supply drink

I feel coke

Happy box

Aquarius - for that whole body thirst situation

This hi motion model incorporates many moveable features and realistic stuff

The Fanky Tomato show

Bandai Brain Bank Media

Wild Mook