Future Additions to GRAFICA Obscura

Paul Haeberli

Dec 1995

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I'm working to make pages on these topics available.

Anti-aliased Text
A demonstration of how anti-aliased text looks with 2, 3, 4, 8, 16, or 128 levels of gray.
2-D Interpolation for Image Processing
Take a color image, create a blurred version of the original, and a B/W version of the original. Place these in a triangular configuration. tile the plane with copies derived by linearly interpolating and extrapolating these "key" images in 2 dimensions.
Visual Acuity Test
Put up two images on a page, one filtered to eliminate spatial frequencies above a period of 4 pixels. Let people view the images and determine for themselves the distance at which the two images look identical. This distance can be used to calculate the visual acuity of the viewer in cycles/degrees. This can be also used to determine an upper bound for the resolution needed for desktop displays.
An Edible Language
A linguistic interpretation of complex foods. Different foods act as nouns. Combination and transformation operations act as verbs.
Conman - A Connection Manager
An interactive data-flow environment for computer graphics. Using graphically interconnected processes to create and modify interactive graphics applications. This was originally published in Siggraph.
Image Processing Hacks
NoiseZoom - adding noise to images after resizing.
LineZoom - thresholding images after resizing to make nice line art.
BrightCorr - correcting for variations in illumination in images.
BspImage - using binary trees to subdivide an image using image variance.
A collection of words that relate to light and start with the letters "GL".
A Note on Units of Time
Did you know that a day consists of 46,656,000,000 moments?
Synthetic Marbled Paper
Creating marbled paper using a series of 2D mapping functions.
StyLine and Hatch
Several techniques for creating stylized hidden line drawings of 3D geometric objects. A method for creating hatched shading is also shown.
6 Point Perspective
A way of making 360 degree fish eye pictures of 3D geometry.
Making and Using Environment Maps
Ways of using wide angle lenses or mirrored spheres to make cubical environment maps. Fold-up paper cubical environment images will also be available.
Exploring the limits or tiny picture printing.
Parametric Manufacture
Using laser cutting, fax, and mail order to support desktop design and manufacture.
Reverse Story Boards
Going from film or video to arrays of still images.
Perfect Polka Dot Patterns
Using toroidal Poisson disk distributions to generate perfect polka dot patterns.
Making arbitrary binary files visible as arrays of pixels. This can be used to view UNIX executables, the file system and more.
A simple program for visualizing network traffic on the IRIS.
Using Perlin noise functions to warp images.
A demonstration of how color perception works.
An interactive weaving simulator.
Using geometric distortions to print several messages in one area.
See how your visual system adapts to different lighting conditions.